Macaron is an amazing sweet and yes it can make anyone its freak within the first glimpse. You just look at it and you are in love with these little sweets. Aren’t you? We all love keeping things that we adore in the right shape and in the best place, don’t we?

If you love the adorable shape of the macarons but you want to avoid sugar overdose, you definitely don’t want to miss this beautiful Macaron Jewelry Box. Here are a few places that you can purchase this eye catching accessory.

USD 10.00
Choose your favorite color: raspberry, pistachio, peach, light yellow, light rose or plain almond.

USD 1-5/ piece
Pink, red, green, blue, purple, etc. By DesignCrafts4U

Not On The High Street
GBP 80
Full Set Of Macaron Trinket Boxes

Chambre de Sucre
USD 13.95
Your pick of Summer Rose, Peach, Strawberry, Lemon, Light Lavender, and Pistachio.