1. Have a Set Budget

One of my top tips for shopping for clothes is to have a set budget before you go shopping. Know exactly how much you can afford to spend, and determine to stick with it! If you don’t have extra money, don’t go shopping! It helps to take cash only.

2. Hit up Sale Racks First

When you first walk into a store, all those racks of cute outfits and designer looks catch your eye right away! My advice is to walk right past the first racks. Head to the back, where nearly every store has several sales racks. You can find rock-solid prices on really cute clothing-perhaps even clothing that you wistfully longed for from the front of the store only a few months ago!

3. Know Where to Shop

I absolutely love shopping at outlet stores! You find brand new stuff for nearly half the price you would pay elsewhere. Other places to consider are consignment stores, thrift stores, garage sales, or swap meets. And don’t forget to check your favorite stores occasionally for sales!

4. Learn to Sew

You don’t have to be a wizard at the sewing machine to get by with the basics! It’s very helpful to know how to hem. Then you can buy skirts, jeans, dresses, or even shorts that are too long and hem them up. Many #people pass up a good deal on these items because they are the wrong length.

5. Always Try on

Have you ever bought something, and gotten home only to realize that the garment doesn’t fit you right? Then you are out money and #time. Not a good combination in my book! So I always try garments on before purchasing. The only exception is when it’s something you have bought before and you just want a few more in different colors, or if you know you can exchange easily without a hassle or going out of your way.

6. Save Your Receipts

Never toss out a receipt for an item until you are sure you are going to keep it. Sometimes, you get a garment home and decide you just don’t like it or need it. Or maybe it doesn’t go with the shoes you thought it would match. Whatever the reason, having your receipt ensures an easy and smooth return and your money back!

7. Go with Your Gut

Impulse buying is a huge downfall for me. I have to take a moment and really consider whether I need something or not. If you’re debating over whether or not you need something, you probably don’t need it. It helps to go shopping with a specific item or two in mind that you are looking for, like new jeans or a pair of sunnies.