Panther Martin Best of the Best Fishing Lures – 6-Pack


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Watch your fish count go up when you start casting with Panther Martin Best of the Best fishing lures. The set includes two sizes each of holographic rainbow/trout, gold teardrop and silver teardrop spinners, all with super-sharp red, triple-pronged hooks.

Great for trout, bass, crappie, salmon and others
The original inline sonic spinner “calls to the fish”
Constant 40-degree blade angle balances position for a smooth spin
Double reverse concave-convex blades imitate movements of smaller prey fish
Red Hooks simulate “gill flash” to make fish strike
Razor-sharp red hooks keep fish on line
Pack of six includes:
Two holographic rainbow/trout spinners
Two gold teardrop spinners
Two silver teardrop spinners
Made in China


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